Feel the grip of the World #1 Solitaire Game!

Have been looking around for highly addictive entertaining card game? Here you go! We are glad to introduce you the new sparkling online Solitaire Champ card game, which is traditional Solitaire wrapped up in the most innovative features and the best design ideas you can find on the gaming space.

Solitaire Champ game is absolutely FREE and can be easily downloaded from Google Play or App Store and played on all types of Android and iOS devices. So you can play it practically anywhere, unless risking your life. We have community of over 20 million people, highly engaged in Solitaire Champ game world. So by joining us you will discover what it is like to discover the new world, full of exciting moments yet chilly and easy-going.

With our Solitaire Champ you can take your friends on board. You have an option to sign up for the game using Facebook or Google+ accounts, so you can get connected with your real friends.

The game is enriched with rich animation, there are many exciting game modes to choose from, you can conquer top ratings in our tournaments and climb up the leader boards, or simply compete in "1 on 1" games versus your friends or random players. There is also exciting Vegas like game mode, where you can enjoy reckless spirit of the casino.

Last but not least, even if there is no Internet connection, or what happens sometime you are out of traffic, you still can enjoy playing Solitaire Champ even in Offline game mode!

So jump in, let's play!

Solitaire Champ Strategy

The strategy of the game is very simple - you have 52 cards in a row, which you should locate to the foundations. The foundation piles are placed in the right-upper corner, when playing single mode or next to your avatar when you playing with the opponent. The cards should be placed to the foundations of the same suit for each pile in the ascending order starting with the ace and topped by the king.

At the start of the game you have almost all of your card faces down in the tableau area, they lay in seven files with only top cards faces up. Here on the tableau you can pick the cards and send them directly to the foundations if they fit, or move them between the piles. But, here is the rule also. You can build piles on the tableaus only in descending order keeping alternate colors. You can flip facing-down stock pile with the rest of the deck cards to get missing cards in case there are no moves. The stock pile is located in the left-upper corner, and there is waist pile just next to it on the right side. When you flip the stock, cards goes to the waist faces up. At the beginning of the game you select whether to have 1 or 3 cards in a draw while playing. If you are doing well and managed to get rid of some cards on the tableau already, you can use spare space to build new pile starting with the king in the descending order.

Once you have placed all of your cards to the foundations, the game is done, you are the Champion!

Solitaire Card Game Features

Solitaire Champ is FREE mobile game available both for Android and iOS, which you can download from Google Play and App Store with one click. You can both play it Offline and Online. After our thorough research, while developing the game, we can assure you - there is no analogue to Solitaire Champ on the market.

Solitaire Champ is a new generation mobile app game, it is empowered with rich animation, has excellent graphic quality, beautiful theme designs, engaging game modes. It is very fast and doesn't take much space on your device; it doesn't support third party ads, so no irritation, destruction and hidden internet traffic.

The main idea of the game is Socializing while playing. Therefore we built it around various multi-player game modes. In Solitaire Champ you can invite your friends and play together, you can chat while playing, exchange gifts, build your own leagues and compete in tournaments. The same goes for other Solitaire Champ players, you meet randomly during the game. You can also talk to them and become friends. There are more than 20 million of active players worldwide, and we are growing. In order to manage your friends' circles in Solitaire Champ, you can create and edit your friend lists, add or remove friends from there and also upgrade your profile with personal data and more.

Speaking about game modes in our FREE Solitaire Champ game, there are several exciting game modes you can enjoy. First there is "1 on 1" classic Solitaire, where you simply play once and if win earn chips, XP level and gems. Chips are the Solitaire Champ currency, XP indicates your experience level and gems are the power-ups you can use during the game. There is also "Royal Club" tournament, where you can take part in 8 players competition and get double prizes if you manage to the top three players. Plus you will be listed on our leader boards. There are also amusing leagues you can play in with various levels and rules. And also definitely try our mini games, they are real fun and will earn you additional chips and gems, you can later use in Solitaire Champ rounds.